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Face Fit Testing certification

Relevant sectors: Applicable to all industries

We provide face fit testing service involving a Qualitative Face Fit Test.
Face Fit Testing is important part of protecting employees who wear respiratory protective equipment (masks that form a seal to the users’ face). RPE must be tested to prove that it fits correctly, and this can be achieved with qualitative testing. Health & Safety Law stipulates that RPE must be fit tested as part of the initial selection process and at timely intervals thereafter.

Face fit testing can be carrying out on our premises or one of our trained testers can attend your premises or site to perform the testing.

Course Aims

The purpose of the testing is to ensure that all your operative have adequate respiratory protection to protect against respirable hazards.

Course Content

The Face Fit Test Certificate consists of a 15-20 minute test where the operative is subject to a verity of exercises whilst wearing the respiratory protective equipment to ensure it is effective.

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